Leading now a major research group in Egypt

A brief description of the scientific and applied trends of the research mentioned in the general list

First Direction:

It involved Suggested and Tested Procedures for Analysis of Synthetic Mixtures of Rare Earths (Res), Heavy metal and Alkaline Earth Elements by Potentiometric-Chelatimetric Technique through a project with Geology Department to construct a Geological map for RES in certain area UPPER EGYPT. It had been applied for analysis of Egyptian Industrial Raw Materials, e.g Egyptian Phosphate Ores in Upper Egypt Area. It involved also Excetraction of Uranium and RES from Egyptian Monazite by Emission spectroscopic Techniques (ICP-ES,DCP..) together with its analyses in solution by usual absorption spectroscopy using specific indacators through a project with Nuclrea Research Authority (Ph.D. of Kamal Abd El-Baki Rabie).

Second Direction:

   It had been involved the study of the reactions mechanisms between some oxidants and different types of phenols used to remedy toxicity of phenolic compounds. It also involved separation of phenols oxidation products and its identification aiming to confirm these reaction mechanisms. Finally it involved microdetermination of these phenols in their resources under proper selected conditions to quantify iodine required as a dose to remedy their toxicities in their resources. This research succeeded in solving the problem of toxicity of some phenolic compounds via the M.Sc. theses of the students A.A. Ali (papes No.         ), G.G. Mohamed (Papers No.           ) and M.M. Ali (Papers No.     ).

Third Direction:

     It had been involved micro-potentiometric determination of different types of cations and anions via formation of sparingly soluble salts aiming to apply them in analysis of some natural ores and matrials containing such cations or anions (Papers No. ) via the theses of the research coworkers( ………..).

Fourth Direction:

   It had been involved many protocols and projects for monotring of River Nile water pollution in El-Aghsas-to El-Knater Area(Papers No. , M.Sc. thesis of ), Under ground water Analyses in Behera Governorate (Papers No. and Ph.D. of …), Analyses of some Egyptian Plants used to prepare some important drinks (Papers No……, Ph.D. of …..), Analyses and monotring of anodizing process in Miliatory Plant 99 in Helwan (Papers No. ,M.Sc. and Ph.D. of   ), Prparation and evaluation of some inhibitors for double base propellants (Papers No.   and Ph.D. of ..), evaluation of some additives to some food stuffs (Papers No.   and M.SC. of ….), evaluation of some additive to some kindes of sand and carcerous soils (Papers No.   , M.Sc. of   ), suggestions and evaluations some techniqes used in drug analyses (Papers No. , M.Sc. of ….. and Ph.D. of …)...etc.

Fifth Direction:

     This direction had been involved creation of new techniques for:

    a.New indicators used for estimation of pH of conc. Acids and Bases solutions.
    b.New methodolgy displaced the routine classical one in Microanalytical Center of Cairo University.
    c.Suggestion and evaluation of techniques used for some organometllic compounds and complexes and chelates of applied technology by both normal and electrochemical techniques at normal and very low temperature.

Sixth Direction:

It had been involved combination between, Thermal analyses (TA), mass spectra (EI-MS) and Molecular Orbital Calculations (MOC) to suggest and evaluate mechanism of dissociation of different kinds of drugs and their reaction products with some reagents.

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D.Sc. Thesis Title “The Use of Integrated Analytical Tools for Analysis of Natural and Synthetic Materials from Different Egyptian Resources” "أستخدام طرق التحاليل المتكاملة لتحليل الموادالطبيعية والصناعية من مصادر مصرية مختلفة"

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