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International Fellowships, Visits, Seminars, Meetings and Lectures

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 IV.2- International Fellowships, Visits, Seminars, Meetings and Lectures:

I did a short visit to Analytical and General Chemistry Institute in technical university of Budapest, Hungry for one month at August 1989 to establish agreement with analytical chemistry group of Prof. Erno Bunjor about the separation of rare earths from Egyptian phosphate and black sand ores.

I did short visit for one month at July 1989 to Charles University of Prague and to nuclear research institute of technology of Prague to learn new technique of Emanation Thermal Analyses (EMTA) established there by Prof. Vladimir Baleck.     

I got a DAAD fellowship to Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry Institute, in Free University of Berlin, Germany for three months (1st July to end of September 1991), in this institute I presented a seminar entitled,” The use of iodine to remedy toxicity of phenolic compounds to Egyptian Carb Fish. Kinetics and mechanism”; a general lecture about “Effect of Inorganic Pollutants on survival life of organism in the River Nile”; a general lecture entitled “The use of fish and water hyacinth as biological indicators for phenols as pollutants in river waters”, presented in institute of health in Berlin; seminar in the same institute about, Studies on the reaction products of iodine with toxic phenols". Cooperative research work had been done with Prof. Simon and others during this visit.

I did a short meeting for one day (at 9th September 1991) to Prof. Gawdat head of electron cyclotron of Berlin, saw their scientific activity for applying radiation obtained in this cyclotron in analyses of different natural and synthetic materials and presented a lecture about my research in Egypt.

I did a short meeting for day (at 11th September) to the head of physics department of Max Blank Institute of Berlin to know their applications for thermal analyses in structure investigation of natural and synthetic materials.

I did short meeting for few hours (at 13th September 199) with Prof. Günter Marks in physics department of Free University and discussed with him the technology of his project for elimination of nuclear residuals.

I visited also the technical University of Berlin for one day (18th Sept. 1991) and met the rector of the University and Prof. Rebalt, Prof. of crystallography and he showed me his research activity and how they measure dimensions and shapes of single crystals.

I visited Ulm University, Analytical and Physical Chemistry for few days (10 days at Nov. 1991) to groups of research of Professors Krivan and Beshlod and communicate with them our experience in our research activities.

I did a short visit to Germany, Stuttgart University for at Nov. 1991 in institute of Residuals and Soil Analyses; I presented a general lecture, “Comparison between concentrations of heavy metals in River Nile at Helwan Area with some German lakes water contents”; cooperative research with Prof. Ing Vagnar have been done during this visit in this institute using high quality instruments and research facilities.

I did a visit to Slovakia via cultural agreement between Egypt and Slovakia within the period 27th May to 10 June 1995. This visit was through a research project between my research group and that of Prof. Katarina Gyoruova, Prof. of Inorganic Chemistry in Safarek University in Kosice. I presented more than one lecture about my research activity and did some meeting with other Professors in different departments to exchange our scientific knowledge such as Prof. Maria Rehakova. Our Relations are still strong till now.

I got a DAAD fellowship to Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry Institute in Konstanz University West Germany at the border with Switzerland at 15th  July to the mid of Oct. 1996; cooperative research work with Prof. H. Fischer had been done about the preparation of Carbenes and Vinilidenes Organometallic compounds under lower temperature. More than one seminar, round table discussions and social activities had been done in this institute. Some publications had been performed.

I did a short meeting for few days (at August 1996) with Prof. Styner in Analytical Institute   of Konstanz University during my stay, and exchanged our experiences in our research fields.

I daily shared meeting with Prof. Ujemz during his daily meeting with his research group from Arab countries at a Coffee break during my stay in Konstanz University. It was very beneficial scientific meeting. The relation with Prof. Helmut Fischer is also still continued.

My Academic biographical profile is recommended to appear in international societies such as Marquis Who�s Who in Science and Engineering ( e.g. 7th edition 2003-2004, 10th Anniversary edition 2008, till 26th edition 2009), International Biographic Center Cambridge (IBC) (e.g. 20th century -1st edition), American Biographical Institute (ABI, e.g. Expert Elite Frontispiece of the International Directory of Experts and Expertise, 2007).
D.Sc. Thesis Title “The Use of Integrated Analytical Tools for Analysis of Natural and Synthetic Materials from Different Egyptian Resources” "أستخدام طرق التحاليل المتكاملة لتحليل الموادالطبيعية والصناعية من مصادر مصرية مختلفة"

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