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I shared as invited speaker presented a plenary lecture in a conference and lecture in workshop of thermal analyses and Chairman of Inorganic and Analytical scission in Chem.5 an International Conference about “Green and sustainable chemistry in developing countries”, held in Chemistry Department, Faculty of science, Cairo University at 3-6 March 2008.

I shared as speaker in an 6th international conference in El-Azhar University AISC’008, at 23-26th March 2008, shared in 2nd international conferences Chem.1 held at March 2000 and Chem. 2 held at March 2002 in Chem. Dept. Faculty of Science, Cairo University as a member of organizing committee and responsible for thermal analysis and mass spectra workshops.

 I shared as a speaker in an international conference, “Electron Microscope Technology and Its Applications”, held in Misr University for Science and Technology at 21-22 July 1999; shared 2nd international Euro-Mediterranean  conference, “Applications of Photobiology and Laser Technologies, in Medicine and Environment held in National Institute of  Laser in Cairo University at 13-16th Feb.1998

I shard as a speaker in the 15th IUPAC conference, ”Chemical Education and Global Environmental Changes” held at August 1998   in Ainshams University; shared as speaker in 1st International conference ,”Up-to-date research and new technology in  Cement Industry and environmental operations”, held in Assuit plant of cement industry at Nov.1997.

I shared 1st Arabic International conference, “Applications of Chemistry”, held at International conferences hall in El-Nasr city 1-5th Nov. 1997.

I shared as a speaker in 1st International conference,” The Basic Science and development”, held in Assuit University at 9-12th Nov. 1996.

I shared as speaker in International Conference, “Chemistry and Industry” held at 24-27th Jan. 1995 in Egyptian Scientific Syndicate.

I shared as invited speaker in 1st International conference, “Chemistry and its applications”, held in Doha Qatar at 7-9th December 1993.

I shared as invited speaker and Chairman of scission in an international conference, “Microanalysis by Advanced Instruments” 5th PCIA, held in Beijing –China at 7-12 October 1993.

I shared as a speaker in 25th International conference, ”Pollution in Gratz city and its follow by sensation”, held in Gratz city Austria at 4-9th April 1993.

I shared as a speaker in International conference, “Nile 2000” held in Samiramees Intercontinental Hotel in Cairo at 3-5th Feb.2002 under supervision of Ministry of Irrigation and water resources.

I did a short visit to Qatar University to attend 1st international conference at December 1993, I presented two papers and did one seminar and met Prof. T. Brown (Prof. of Organic and Analytical Chemistry) from Enofose University, Budapest, Hungry and exchanged with him information about our research activities. 

During my visit to Austria at April 1993 to attend 25th conference in Gratz city, I did more than one meeting with Professors in technical University of Vienna (e.g. Manfred Grassier power) and in Analytical institute in Gratz University (e.g. Prof. Kurt Irigolich) to exchange our knowledge.

During my visit to Beijing in China to attend a PICIA’5 conference (Oct. 1993), I presented two lectures and the organizing committee invited me to visit the plant of scientific instrument in Beijing and also for site seeing of the Forbidden City. I met also with Prof. Benli Hueng from Xyamen University and exchanged with him lot of information. The relation with them is still strong.

On my way to Beijing (Oct. 1993), I visited my fiend Prof. Sowmashy Bazelboot in Qualologorn University in Bangkok, Kingdom of Thailand and made some scientific meetings (e.g. Prof. Owm Kokobol) and visited some plants in Bangkok.

I shared as a speaker in International conference, “Investigation of Materials by Thermal Analyses”, held in Prague at 4-6th July 1989.

I shared as one of the organizing committee and speaker in the 2nd international conference, “The Role of Analytical chemistry in National Development”, held in Cairo University at 2-7th Jan. 1989 under supervision of Egyptian Society of Analytical Chemistry.

I shared with a paper in 8th international conference in Analytical Chemistry in Gratz city in Austria at 25-30 August 1980.

My Academic biographical profile is recommended to appear in international societies such as Marquis Who�s Who in Science and Engineering ( e.g. 7th edition 2003-2004, 10th Anniversary edition 2008, till 26th edition 2009), International Biographic Center Cambridge (IBC) (e.g. 20th century -1st edition), American Biographical Institute (ABI, e.g. Expert Elite Frontispiece of the International Directory of Experts and Expertise, 2007).
D.Sc. Thesis Title “The Use of Integrated Analytical Tools for Analysis of Natural and Synthetic Materials from Different Egyptian Resources” "أستخدام طرق التحاليل المتكاملة لتحليل الموادالطبيعية والصناعية من مصادر مصرية مختلفة"

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