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Zayed, Mohamed A. (Scopus Citation) Dec 2015)

Zayed, Mohamed A. (Scopus Citation) Dec 2015)

Cairo University, Department of Chemistry, Cairo, Egypt

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Zayed, Mohamed A.

Cairo University, Department of Chemistry, Cairo, Egypt

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1 50 Spectroscopic study of molecular structures of novel Schiff base derived from o-phthaldehyde and 2-aminophenol and its coordination compounds together with their biological activity
2 48 Monitoring of the pesticide levels in some water supplies and agricultural land, in El-Haram, Giza (A.R.E.)
3 38 2,6-Dichloroquinone chlorimide and 7,7,8,8-tetracyanoquinodimethane reagents for the spectrophotometric determination of salbutamol in pure and dosage forms
4 33 Role of Rap1 in promoting sickle red blood cell adhesion to laminin via BCAM/LU
5 29 Structure investigation, spectral, thermal, X-ray and mass characterization of piroxicam and its metal complexes
6 24 Thermal and kinetic studies on solid complexes of 2-(2-benzimidazolylazo)-4-acetamidophenol with some transition metals
7 23 Metal complexes of a novel Schiff base derived from sulphametrole and varelaldehyde. Synthesis, spectral, thermal characterization and biological activity
8 21 Phase I study of eptifibatide in patients with sickle cell anaemia
9 18 Synthesis and thermal characterization of new ternary chelates of piroxicam and tenoxicam with glycine and dl-phenylalanine and some transition metals
10 18 Spectrophotometric study of the reaction mechanism between DDQ Π- And iodine σ-acceptors and chloroquine and pyrimethamine drugs and their determination in pure and in dosage forms
11 18 IR, UV-Vis, magnetic and thermal characterization of chelates of some catecholamines and 4-aminoantipyrine with Fe(III) and Cu(II)
12 18 Comparative study on the fragmentation of some simple phenolic compounds using mass spectrometry and thermal analyses
13 17 Synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of new tetradentate Schiff base and its coordination compounds of NOON donor atoms and their antibacterial and antifungal activity
14 17 Mass spectrometric investigation of buspirone drug in comparison with thermal analyses and MO-calculations
15 17 Investigation of diazepam drug using thermal analyses, mass spectrometry and semi-empirical MO calculation
16 16 Synthesis and structure investigation of the antibiotic amoxicillin complexes of d-block elements
17 16 Spectrophotometric determination of chloroquine and pyrimethamine through ion-pair formation with molybdenum and thiocyanate
18 14 FTIR, magnetic, mass spectral, XRD and thermal studies of metal chelates of tenoxicam
19 13 CIB1 regulates endothelial cells and ischemia-induced pathological and adaptive angiogenesis
20 13 Phenolic-iodine redox products. Mass spectrometry, thermal and other physico-chemical methods of analyses
21 12 Spectrophotometric determination of iron and chromium in Cr-electroplating baths at the Helwan Engineering Industrial Company using pyrocatechol as indicator
22 12 Structure-stability relationship of copper(II)-indol carboxylic acid derivative complexes from spectrophotometric, thermogravimetric and potentiometric studies
23 11 Study of some phenolic-iodine redox polymeric products by thermal analyses and mass spectrometry
24 10 Structure investigation of codeine drug using mass spectrometry, thermal analyses and semi-emperical molecular orbital (MO) calculations
25 10 Synthesis, characterization and electronic spectra of cefadroxil complexes of d-block elements
26 8 Investigation of malonanilide and its dinitro-isomers using thermal analyses, mass spectrometry and semi-empirical MO calculation
27 8 Comparative Study of Seasonal Variation in Metal Concentrations in River Nile Sediment, Fish, and Water by Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
28 7 Synthesis, structural characterization and antimicrobial activity evaluation of metal complexes of sparfloxacin
29 7 Effect of intracameral bevacizumab injection on corneal endothelial cells: An in vivo evaluation
30 7 Structure investigation of sertraline drug and its iodine product using mass spectrometry, thermal analyses and MO-calculations
31 7 Evaluation of malonanilides as new stabilizers for double-base propellants. (I)
32 6 Investigation of ibuprofen drug using mass spectrometry, thermal analyses, and semi-empirical molecular orbital calculation
33 6 Two spectrophotometric assays for dopamine derivatives in pharmaceutical products and in biological samples of schizophrenic patients using copper tetramine complex and triiodide reagent
34 6 Preparation, chemical characterization and electronic spectra of 6-(2-pyridylazo)-3-acetamidophenol and its metal complexes
35 5 Synthesis, characterization and application of enrofloxacin complexes as thermal stabilizers for rigid poly(vinyl chloride)
36 5 New-onset maternal gestational hypertension and risk of retinopathy of prematurity
37 5 Stability studies of double-base propellants with centralite and malonanilide stabilizers using MO calculations in comparison to thermal studies
38 5 The use of IR, magnetism, reflectance, and mass spectra together with thermal analyses in structure investigation of codeine phosphate complexes of d-block elements
39 5 Comparison between thermal analysis and mass spectroscopic studies of uranyl oxinates
40 5 Thermodynamic study for the (NH+ 4 - K+) exchange on K-saturated clinoptilolite
41 5 Seasonal variation of water quality of Nile River at Helwan area
42 5 Analysis of thermogravimetric traces as an approach to determine the mechanism of dissociation ofcopper(II)-α-arylazoacetoacetylaminopyridine chelates
43 4 Synthesis and characterization of SiC and SiC/Si 3N 4 composite nano powders from waste material
44 4 The use of thermal and spectrometric analyses for the structure investigation ofarylhydrazoneacetoacetylaminopyridines and their copper chelates
45 4 Spectrophotometric and thermogravimetric studies on new coordination compounds of lanthanide(III)-4-acetylpyridine N-oxide
46 3 Synthesis, structure investigation, spectral characteristics and biological activities of some novel azodyes
47 3 Stability of non-isothermally treated double-base propellants containing different stabilizers in comparison with molecular orbital calculations
48 3 Mass spectra of gliclazide drug at various ion sources temperature : Its thermal behavior and molecular orbital calculations
49 3 Metal complexes of gliclazide: Preparation, spectroscopic and thermal characterization. Biological potential study of sulphonylurea gliclazide on the house fly, Musca domestica (Diptera - Muscidae)
50 3 Routine office microhysteroscopy using the vaginoscopic approach in patients prepared for in vitro fertilization or intrauterine insemination
51 3 Investigation of novel organometallics by thermal spectroscopic methods
52 3 Some observations on the microdetermination of sulfite, sulfide, and thiosulfate by mercurimetric titration
53 3 The potentiometric microdetermination of aminophenols with iodate and periodate
54 2 Thermal and mass spectral characterization of novel azo dyes of p-Acetoamidophenol in comparison with Hammett substituent effects and molecular orbital calculations
55 2 Structural investigation of dextromethorphan using mass spectrometry and thermal analyses combined with mo calculations
56 2 Spectroscopic study of structure of diphenhydramine drug and its products obtained via reactions with tetracynoethylene and iodine reagents and applications
57 2 Biological potential study of metal complexes of sulphonylurea glibenclamide on the house fly, Musca domestica (Diptera-Muscidae): Preparation, spectroscopic and thermal characterization
58 2 Pain after hysterectomy: A comparison between four currently available procedures
59 2 Structure identification of 2-thiohydantoin and its metal chelates by thermal and spectral analysis
60 2 Low prevalence of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia among Egyptian females
61 2 Related thermal analyses and spectrophotometric studies on iodine redox products of aminophenols
62 1 Potentiometric determination of chlorpromazine HCL using carbon paste electrode in pure and pharmaceutical preparations
63 1 Investigation of molecular structure - Chirality relationship of ephedrine and pseudoephedirne drug using thermal analyses and mass spectrometry techniques combined with MO-calculations
64 1 Spectroscopic study of the reaction mechanism of buspirone interaction with iodine and tetracyanoethylene reagents and its applications
65 1 Spectrophotometric determination of diazepam in pure form and in pharmaceutical preparations
66 1 Investigation of complexes of diphenyl-phosphine derivatives by thermal and other physicochemical methods of analyses
67 1 Structure elucidation of aminophenols-iodine redox products by emanation thermal analysis
68 1 Structure identification of substituted phenol redox products by: thermogravimetric and differential thermal analysis
69 1 Potentiometric microdetermination of nitro- and bromophenols by oxidation with lodate and periodate
70 1 Redox properties of cobalt(III) mixed ligand complexes. II. Redox titration of some organic and inorganic substances potentiometrically
71 1 Related thermogravimetric and spectrophotometric studies on lanthanide(III) complexes with the 3-acetylpyridine N-oxide ligand
72 1 γ-Chloro-acetoacetanilide as spectrophometric indicator for the EDTA titration of iron (III)
73 0 Thermal and spectroscopic investigation of novel Schiff base, its metal complexes, and their biological activities
74 0 Investigation of naproxen drug using mass spectrometry, thermal analyses and semi-empirical molecular orbital calculation
75 0 Mechanism study of stabilization of double-base propellants by using zeolite stabilizers (nano- and micro-clinoptilolite)
76 0 Intra-lesional interferon injection for recurrent conjunctival MALT lymphoma
77 0 Enhancement of stabilizing properties of double-base propellants using nano-scale inorganic compounds
78 0 Spectrophotometric determination of carbamazepine and mosapride citrate in pure and pharmaceutical preparations
79 0 Spectrophotometric studies of reactions between pseudo-ephedrine with different inorganic and organic reagents and its micro-determination in pure and in pharmaceutical preparations
80 0 Effect of chemical composition of zinc phosphating solution on phosphate coating properties
81 0 Kinetic spectrophotometric methods for the quantitation of sertraline drug in bulk and in formulations
82 0 Electrochemical behavior of copper electrode in different solutions of adrenalinehydrogentatrate and catechol
83 0 Spectrometric, thermal and electron microscope studies of iron complexes of adrenaline hydrogen tartrate and catecholamine
84 0 Synthesis and study of charge-transfer complexes for 5,6- dimethyl-2,1,3-benzoselenadiazole
85 0 Structure investigation of piroxicam and tenoxicam using thermal analyses, mass spectrometry and semiempirical MO calculations
86 0 Study of reaction mechanism between piroxicam and tenoxicam drugs with iodate and n-bromosuccinamide oxidants and their microdetermination by spectrophotometric and potentiometric measurements
87 0 Spectrophotometric assay of levodopa and α-methyldopa in pharmaceutical products and in biological samples of schizophrenic patients using copper complex and tri-iodide reagent
88 0 Spectrophotometric determination of levodopa, carbidopa and alpha-methyldopa
89 0 Poor response to ovulation induction in females more than 35 years old: Is it justifiable to continue an IVF/ICSI trial? A controlled trial
90 0 Laparoscopic surgery for pelvic endometriosis using Argon beam coagulation: Preliminary experience
91 0 Surgical complications of operative laparoscopy: The Egyptian experience
92 0 The relation between uterine volume and the success of endometrial resection in menorrhagia
93 0 Application of the silver amalgam electrode for the microdetermination of phosphate, arsenate, and sulfide
94 0 Mercurimetric determination of phosphates and microanalysis of some Egyptian phosphate ores
95 0 Microdetermination of some xylenols via investigation of their catalyzed reactions with iodine
96 0 Comparative study of the redox reactions between iodine and phenol derivatives, through correlation between thermal analysis and thermodynamic calculations from kinetic data
97 0 Microdetermination of rare earth elements in their acetylpyridine N-oxide complexes by the oxine method after oxygen flask combustion
98 0 The kinetics and thermochemistry of the redox reaction between iodine and phenol derivatives. I. With ortho-bromophenol
99 0 Microdetermination of metals in organometallic compounds by the oxine method after oxygen flask combustion. IV. Neodymium, praseodymium, samarium, and yttrium
100 0 Analysis of aluminium and titanium ternary mixtures
101 0 Indirect potentiometric determination of bismuth and orthophosphate

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D.Sc. Thesis Title “The Use of Integrated Analytical Tools for Analysis of Natural and Synthetic Materials from Different Egyptian Resources” "أستخدام طرق التحاليل المتكاملة لتحليل الموادالطبيعية والصناعية من مصادر مصرية مختلفة"

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