Leading now a major research group in Egypt

Other activities

1.      Member of American chemical society.

2.      Member of Indian chemical society.

3.      Member of Third World Academy of Science as a referee of its Awards (1989).

4.      Active member of Egyptian Analytical Chemical society.

5.      Member of Egyptian society of metal corrosion and its protection.

6.      Member of advisory board of Journal of Thermal analysis and Calorimetry (JTAC).

7.      Member of advisory board of Egyptian Journal of Analytical Chemistry.

8.      Member of National Egyptian Syndicate of Scientists.

9.      Member of Egyptian Society of Electron Microscope.

Referee of Journal of Thermal analysis and Calorimtry (JTAC), Journal of Hazardous Materials (JHAM), Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical analysis (JPBA), Journal of Spectrochemica Acta, Thermochimica Acta, Egyptian Journal of Chemistry, El-Azhar Journal of Chemistry and other national journals of Egyptian Universities.

My Academic biographical profile is recommended to appear in international societies such as Marquis Who�s Who in Science and Engineering ( e.g. 7th edition 2003-2004, 10th Anniversary edition 2008, till 26th edition 2009), International Biographic Center Cambridge (IBC) (e.g. 20th century -1st edition), American Biographical Institute (ABI, e.g. Expert Elite Frontispiece of the International Directory of Experts and Expertise, 2007).
D.Sc. Thesis Title “The Use of Integrated Analytical Tools for Analysis of Natural and Synthetic Materials from Different Egyptian Resources” "أستخدام طرق التحاليل المتكاملة لتحليل الموادالطبيعية والصناعية من مصادر مصرية مختلفة"

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